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Upcoming Tournaments:

Hustler Club Championships

Monthly Scotch Doubles
last Saturday of every month
next February 24, 2018
$20 per person

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Tournament Results

January 20, 2018 9-Ball Singles
1st Stu McTaggart
2nd Rolly Plante
3rd Nathan Antone
4th Dave Woerz

January 13, 2018 Max 8.1 8-Ball Singlespool halls london ontario, hustler billiards london ontario pool halls
1st Paul Prendergast
2nd 'Fricken' Rick Price
3rd Leon Mitchell
4th Derek Hartling
5th/6th 'Irish' Paul O'Sullivan, Phil Black

December 30, 2017 Scotch Doubles
1st Levi Meiller & Chantal Julian
2nd Leon Mitchell & Debbie McRitchie
3rd Brandon Phlong & Zaw Latte

Boxing Day 2017 Scotch Doubles
1st Nathan Antone & Anita Chan
2nd Gary Wade & Meedo Madhoun
3rd Scooter & Brian Bailey