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October 27, 2015


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HBA & VNEA Leagues

Hustler Billiards Association is home to the largest in-house 8-ball pool league in North America.

Hustler Billiards Association (HBA) 8-ball leagues are played on 4-1/2x9 foot tables. Each league night (Mon thru Thurs) has 16 teams. League play starts at 7:30pm and most teams are finished by 10pm. There is free pool for league members both before and after league play.


VNEA 8-ball leagues play on Valley 3-1/2x7 foot "bar box" tables. Each night (Mon thru Wed) has 8-10 teams. League play starts at 7:00pm and most teams are finished by 10pm. There is free pool for league members before league play. VNEA league members are eligible for free pool afterwards on the 4-1/2x9 foot tables.

Each team in both leagues consist of 5 players. The leagues play a fairly balanced schedule from early September through to the end of March. Playoffs are conducted for each night during weekends in April.

After playoffs, we have a banquet to distribute awards and prizes. The banquet usually occurs on the first Saturday in May.


Hustlers also conducts a Junior League for players 9 to 18 years old. Play begins in early October and continues through March.


There is also a summer league running from late May through August with 4 man teams on the 4-1/2 x 9 foot tables.


The "50+" league is a non-competitive league for our more senior members. This league plays October through March on a weekday afternoon and plays on the 4-1/2 x 9 foot tables.


As well, Hustler Billiards offers a summer golf league played at the Willows Golf & Country Club (Nilestown) from early May through August. This league is played on Monday evenings.