Hustler Billiards is London's favourite place to play, relax and have fun. Hustler Billiards is a licensed billiard room offering a comfortable atmosphere with 12 '4½x9' first-class billiard tables as well as 5 '3½x7' coin operated tables.


It's the perfect gathering place for friends, colleagues, and fellow pool players. Most adults have, at some point in time, played billiards, and in recent years people have shown a growing interest in playing billiards as the centre of social gatherings.


Hustler Billiards has strict rules and regulations, including a dress code and a code of conduct both of which are in effect at all times.  The clientele at Hustler Billiards includes both males and females. Our approach is all about "good times, good friends" and our customers include a diversified group of professionals and labourers, students and retirees.


Hustler Billiards Association (HBA) is home to the largest in-house 8-ball pool league in North America. As such, table availability is limited in the evenings (Monday thru Thursday) from September through April.

Pool Rates

4 1/2 x 9 Tables

1 Player
2 Players
3 Players
4 Players
Each additional player


3 1/2 x 7 "Bar Box"

$1.50 per game (Coin operated)


Hours (please call to confirm availability):
* Monday-Thursday 11am-midnight *
Friday/Saturday 11am - 1am
Sunday 11am-6pm

* From Sept thru March no tables are available Monday thru Thursday from 6pm to 11pm due to league play

Club History

In 1994, a young man had a dream. Well, he wasn’t really a young man anymore, more like middle age. And it wasn’t really his dream; it was actually a suggestion from his daughter. She suggested he open a pool hall. And as he thought about it, he realized it was a good idea. So a short, curly headed, slightly balding, middle-aged Italian decided to follow his daughter’s suggestion.


However, he didn’t want to open a pseudo upscale hall like several in the city at the time and he certainly didn’t want to open a pool hall like the ones where many of us older guys probably learned to play.


He wanted to open a simpler place; a place where everyone could feel comfortable and could play the game at their level; a place where you could have fun and where everyone, well, almost everyone, knew your name; a place where the bartender could sing Happy Birthday to a patron, badly and off key; a place where practical jokes could be played without anyone getting too upset; a place where Newfies could rant and roar and nobody really paid any attention; a place where a short, unique guy named Pecker could become League President. But, most of all, a place where sportsmanship and fair play came first.


In January, 1995, Hustler Billiards opened its doors and, as they say, "the rest is history!"


So please come and join Ernie, Kay and the staff at Hustler Billiards.



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